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  Brief description

Personal website dedicated to the experimental High Range IQ Tests (HRT for short), whose goal is to proxy and estimate the psychometric 'g' factor, by primarily assessing fluid reasoning. While it is clear that not all of these tests may serve the same purpose; the untimed nature allows for more difficult and primarily rather abstract questions to be implemented, which if made carefully could potentially discriminate the highly gifted IQ ranges (3SD and above) in a more precise manner while simultaneously providing the satisfaction and pleasure of problem solving for puzzle enthusiasts.

However, some tests you may see here, may be completely experimental, examining what items "work" on a  fundamental level, how items are perceived by the solver(s), difficulty distribution, difficulty as a whole, and  intended construct of measure with each item, ambiguity, and more.


  About the author


 My name is Alex Toliopoulos, I'm 26 years old and living in Greece. I enjoy solving and creating IQ puzzles, as

 a hobby of mental stimulation and creative outlet. Additionally, I like video game speedrunning, learning

 different kind(s) of skills, competitive video games, programming, football, music, logic, brain games, and all

 kinds of competition. I love nature, simple logic, philosophy, and thinking.

 The statistics, and items of the tests are original and made by me. For norming, I use the mean fluid IQ of

 the sample of testees for each unique test respectively, based on relevant information provided.

 The method of norming is done with cNorm package in Jamovi - "Continuous Norming".

 To provide further statistics for the tests, I use SPSS software, and Jamovi.

 R coding language with installed psych, psychtools, and lavaan packages for g loading.


 The primary goal with my tests, is to eventually be able to provide an adequate & quality extension to

 currently established professional tests, for measuring high levels of fluid reasoning.

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