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                 Thank you in advance for showing interest in my tests !


  • Submitting answers on a test:

 - Answers should be sent through email to You can use any type of text document,   however the format for convenience & preference is .txt

 - For your submission to be processed, the following data is asked. This data will be used for test(s) statistics.


 Name or Username:

Scores on professional test(s) (specify):

Scores on test(s) by J. Wai (if any):

Scores on test(s) by X. Jouve (if any):

Scores on test(s) by T. Prousalis (if any):

Scores on test(s) by P. Coojimans (if any):

Scores on test(s) by I. Ivec (if any):

Scores on test(s) by Z. Darko (if any):


 - You will receive your score within 1-3 days.

 - Score report will include ALL incorrect no. of items.


 - There is a fee of 3.00€ that is now mandatory for me to process your submission, to prevent cheating;

 - Fee to be sent via PayPal (

 - Tests that are in the Test Archive section are free of charge.

 - LOGOS (CONTEST 2024), is free of charge; until the end date.

 - All submissions are thoroughly examined (to the best of my ability) for possible cheating of any form.

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